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Plushform 10th Anniversary Custom Exhibit

Plushforms by Over 40 Artists
April 14-May 6, 2018

BYOB Opening Reception
Saturday, April 14, 7-10pm

Featuring works by 64 Colors, Abe Lincoln Jr., Andrew Bell, AntBen, Baldur, Blake Jones, Brain Killer, Brian Morris, Dan Goodsell, Don Mega Art, Elloo, Glass Cuisine, Horrible Adorables, J. Byrnes, James Demski, Jay Ryan, JC Rivera, Jeremy Tinder, Jim Bradshaw, Joe Somers, Joey D., Jose Garibaldi, Junk Yard, Keith Herzik (above, right), Little Friends of Printmaking, Mac Blackout (above, left), Mark Nagata, Mary Ruth Butterworth, Matthew Hoffman, Max Nagata, Michael Slack, Mosher, Mr. Walters, Muteon, Nick & Lindsay DiFabbio, Revise CMW, Rob Syers, Sean One, Shawnimal, Sonic Visual Graphics, Squeak Starzula, Steff Bomb, Steve Seeley, SubUrban Warrior, TMoney and Travis Lampe (above, center).

2018 Exhibits

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Locals Only

Locals Only

Group Exhibit
March 3-April 8, 2018

Original Art by Shawn Finley


Shawn Finley
February 3-25, 2018

Original Art by Jimbot


James 'Jimbot' Demski
January 6-29, 2018